During COVID, there was an emphasis on handwashing and basic sanitation and the Marshallese leaders expressed their concern because of lack of access to clean water. The Oceanview community does not have water infrastructure and depends on individual water catchment systems to supply water to their homes. Most of the Marshallese homes do have catchment systems and depend on a County spigot that provides clean water to the area. Though the access to that water is open and free, the Marshallese do not have a way to gather and transport the water to their homes. The Marshallese community leaders expressed a need to have a reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle (because of the terrain in Oceanview), containers to transport water and water pumping equipment. The Rotary Club of South Hilo took on the project and coordinated the fundraising throughout District 5000.
Several clubs and over 40 individual donors across District 5000 contributed almost $53,000 to purchase the truck, water tanks, transfer pump and the water hoses. The truck was delivered and dedicated in September of 2023.