Hilo Huli Fried Rice Recipe

     In past years, worker bees at RCSH's annual fundraiser used to look forward to Jim Nakagawa's fried rice. As a result of popular demand, Jim has been kind enough to share his cooking mana'o.


Jim Nakagawa’s Fried Rice Recipe


 10 cups rice cooked then cooled

1 lb regular bacon diced & cooked crispy

1 can 25% less salt spam diced & lightly browned

1 lb KTA Mountain Apple Brand Portuguese Patties diced & lightly


1 tablespoon minced garlic (or more to taste)

1 handful finely diced onions

1 dozen eggs scrambled & diced

2 bunches green onions diced

1 bottle Lum Kum Kee Oyster Sauce

25% lower salt Aloha Shoyu


It's easiest to make this in small batches, hence start with 1/4 of the

amount of rice and add the other ingredients proportionately.


Sautee 1/4 of the onion & minced garlic

Add ¼ of rice & mix

Add ¼ of oyster sauce & shoyu to taste & mix

Add ¼ of each meat, ¼ eggs & handful of green onions and mix. 

Ready to serve.