Talk Story Thursday at the Grand Naniloa was a success!  Rotarians and guests enjoyed delicious pupu's and a game of 1 Truth & 1 Lie in which we learned some interesting truths about our members. 
Some interesting truths we learned  about our fellow Rotarians, see if you can guess who the Rotarians are:
  • On a reality TV Show
  • Wrote a book
  • Had long hair and was in a rock band in high school
  • Worked for Hawaiian Airlines
  • Known for having multiple hair colrs as a teen
  • Can still do their high school cheer
  • Trained  Hooter's employees
  • Did not have their first slice of pizza until they were 40 years old
  • Climbed and jumped form a 40 ft tree, blindfolded
  • Is an adventurer that has parasailed
  • Has 2 MMA titles
It was a great networking event and met a couple individuals that are interested in coming to our meeting...Mardini we hope to see you on Tuesday!