At the March 13th Board of Directors meeting, the decision was made to move RCSH from our current internet platform (Wild Apricot) to the more widely accepted “Club Runner” platform that is in use by thousands of Rotary Clubs around the world.  Club Runner is a software program that was developed by Rotary International to help clubs conduct their club business by engaging every member of the club with easy to use tools to track attendance, donations, event calendars, etc.
“Moving to Club Runner was a no-brainer,” said President-Elect Benson Medina.  “It allows all the different chairpersons and club officers to post information on the website.  Every member gets a user name and password and they are able to track their activities, donations, club news and announcements. In the past, the set up and monthly charges were too expensive for many small clubs to participate, but now the set up fee is only $199 and the monthly charge is less than $50.”  The transition to the Club Runner system will take place over April and May and will fully operational by the time the new Rotary year starts on July 1st.
There is also a very easy to use mobile app that allows every member to access club information and communicate with members from their cell phones.