Hilo resident, Mike Kalekini, Senior Director for Public Affairs at ORMAT, Inc, gave us an update on the status of our local geothermal plant.  ORMAT, an international company, owns and operates Puna Geothermal Venture located in lower Puna.  The plant was surrounded by the May 2018 eruption that destroyed over 500 homes and displaced thousands of residents.  The geothermal plant was producing roughly 30% of the electricity used on Hawaii Island at the time of the eruption.  Though the plant was not destroyed by the lava, its transmission substation and connection to HELCO was demolished and is currently being re-built.  Kalekini hopes to be back online sometime late in the first quarter.
President Benson, Dana Butler (Hastings and Pleadwell) and Mike Kaleikini (PGV)
Our members enjoy the presentation.
Marissa and Paulla enjoy a moment as they prepare to bring new Rotarians into the world!
Tom and Irene get ready to volley some questions at Mike