This week we had Gabriel Low speak to use about his upcoming  ride across the country for rare diseases.  We celebrated Rosemary and Val's birthday.  Honored Cody's anniversary and he won a great hat in the auction.  Our special guest were randy Hart and Steve handy.  Steve reminded us to donate to the Rotary Fund for Pahoa Lava Relief.  And Benson told us how Harold continues to inspire across the state!

Gabriel Low, Ride for Rare Diseases

Gabriel Low is a 17 year-old triathlete with a rare disease called HypoKalemic Periodic Paralysis, a disease that disrupts the potassium levels in his cells and can cause him to experience temporary paralysis. This summer, to raise awareness and support for others with rare diseases,  he is riding across America. 


Gabe's mission is to advocate an overall awareness for rare diseases, in an effort to decrease the trend of misdiagnoses  of rare diseases, which can be very hard, even devastating for many.  He also hopes to raise funding and support for research into how exercise can benefit people with his disease, HKPP. 

Rotary Exchange student Gabriel Low’s amazing story. He makes a difference and is the inspiration.

Support Gabriel by following his story and donating at


Meeting Highlights