Kamaka Gunderson (left) and Linda Leilani Lindsey-Kaapuni (3rd from left) spoke on the behalf of the Mauna Kea Protectors at our October 8th meeting at the invitation of our member Lani Weigert (2nd from left).  Sherry Bracken (right) from NPR was also at the meeting to cover the presentation.  Gunderson and Lindsey-Kaapuni discussed their view that many of the agreements that were supposed to be followed regarding the management of Mauna Kea have been not been upheld by the State of Hawaii.  They also shared the belief of many native Hawaiians that Mauna Kea has always been deemed as a scared space so that any building or construction of any kind constitutes desecration of a sacred Hawaiian site.  Several club members participated in a lively question and answer period that followed their presentation.