A great Saturday of fun at Tom Yeh's mango farm in Kona.  We were joined by Audrey and Jim Wilson (who supervised the mango pickling) and their grandson.  Tom and Eileen were  great hosts, treating us to wonderful buffet of steak, fresh (and fried) ahi and a delicious array of fruits and salads.   Audrey also brought some homemade cookies to go along with the custard pie dessert.  Over a dozen jars of pickled mango left Tom's place and are now in refrigerators all over Hilo waiting to be eaten!  Also making the trip over were Doug and Deb (along with their house guest Alexi), Jim and Phoebe Lambeth, Ben and Zeda Medina, Brenda and Clyde Ho, Charlene and Bob and Lani and Jeanna (along with her friend, Rene).  These great pictures compliments of Charlene Iboshi.