When Hakalau local boy Duane Kurisu was successful in creating a Kahauiki Village, a public-private-partnership that built one of the most successful communities for homeless families with children in the country, he became a global star. But when Duane returned to his local roots to pledge his support for a similar project on Hawaii Island yesterday, we all listened. "It's about creating community, not about providing shelter. That's something that's unique to Hawaii and why it can't be duplicated anywhere else," he said, referring to experience growing up in a plantation camp. Get ready Hawai'i Island....we're on the way!!
Duane outlined five key components that makes a project like Kahauiki Village a success:
1. Emergency Proclamation - by having an emergency proclamation in place, infrastructure could happen at a quicker pace.
2. Public/Private Partnerships - government involvement is good but getting the buy in and cooperation of the private sector is critical for success.
3. Focus on a particular group, for Kahauiku Village it was families with children.
4.  Create a sustainable off-grid community - Kahauiku Village it the first off grid community in the world according to Tesla.
5. Ensure city and county bring in off site improvements to the area - this includes utilities, internet, child care services.
In Phase 1, thirty homes were built.  Phase 2 will have 114 homes, housing over 600 adults and children.
Learn more at Kahauiki.org.