With worldwide concern over the rapid spread of a novel coronavirus and a recent report from the State Department of Health that two confirmed cases traveled through our state in recent weeks, over 60 people attended a special meeting on Tuesday, February 18th.  East Hawaii Rotary Clubs hosted Jason Dela Cruz from the State Department of Health and Chad Shibuya, Arthur Sampaga and Elena Cabatu from Hilo Medical Center.  The group took us through a lively presentation that included the origin of the virus, measures that have been taken to arrest the spread and local precautions that are being taken to keep our citizens safe and prevent panic that can result from the spread of inaccurate information on social media.  Dela Cruz and Shibuya both stressed taking the normal precautions to avoid getting the flu or colds (such as frequent handwashing) and that the spread of the virus throughout Hawaii is pretty small.
Over 60 people attended a special Rotary meeting to discuss the coronavirus in Hawaii.
Members from all East Hawaii Rotary Clubs were in attendance